• Jurnal Studia Administrasi


    Vol. 3 No. 1 March 2021

    December 14, 2020


    Jurnal Studia Administrasi: The Studia Administrasi Journal is an online journal of research results conducted by lecturers, researchers, and students both from within and from outside the STISIPOL Pahlawan 12. Focus and scopes include, Governance, Public Organization, Public Policy
    Public Service, Management, Bureaucratic Ethics, Administrative / Governance Law, Management of Regional Owned Enterprises / State Owned Enterprises, and Management of State Apparatus Resources.

    As a form of concern in developing research in Public Administration Science, this journal also tries to publish the latest issues in each volume. This journal has been published since 2019 in print and is open journal access. Furthermore, this Journal will publish the article twice a year in March and September with ISSN 2685-3019 (print) ISSN 2746-8372 (online).


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